How to change APN settings in EE osprey and Alcatel modems

 What's the apn settings?

The term APN (Access Point Names) refers to one specific setting but also the collection of network gateway settings your mobile broadband device uses to reach the Internet.

Many SIM cards store the APN data that gets configured on your mobile broadband device automatically when the card is installed so Your device should be ready to go online as soon as you turn it on for the first time. However, if you can’t go online, it’s usually because theAccess Point Name (APN) settings on your device (which dictate what your device will try to connect to) are different from those on your SIM (which dictate what your device and SIM are allowed to connect to). In that case you will need to configure APN settings manually

How to configure APN Settings on EE osprey and Alcatel modems that have a web management interface ?

  • connect your pc / laptop to your EE osprey by WiFi network (or connect your modem to usb port if its usb dongle)
  • now open a web browser and in address bar type
modem management page will load
  • Click on Settings/log in here (default user name and password is set to admin admin)
  • On the Connection tab, click Profile management.

  • Click New, then add a Profile nameDial number (*99#), APNUsernamePassword and click Save.
The newly created profile will set automatically. To switch back to any existing profiles, click on the Profile management dropdown box to choose from available profiles.

please note that dial number: *99#  (its the same for all networks)

APN settings for Vodafone UK network

Pay monthly

For all other Pay monthly devices and bundles, the details are the same
  • APN:
  • Username and password: wap

Pay as you go

For Pay as you go customers, the details will vary. Please note, internet settings affect the way you’re charged for data, so make sure you use them correctly.

Username & Password
Mobile broadband
£15 for 1GB, lasting up to 90 days
wap and wap
Mobile broadband
£15 for 2GB, lasting up to 30 days
wap and wap
Mobile broadband
£5 for 250MB, lasting up to 30 days
None required
wap & wap
3 Network UK
Profile name: 3
dial number: *99#
APN: 3 internet
User name and password leave blank
EE network
Profile Name: EE internet
Dial number: *99#
APN: everywhere
Username: eesecure
Password: secure
O2 network
Profile name - o2 Internet
Dial number: *99#
APN: (for contract type:) (for PAYG) -
Username - o2web (PAYG - payandgo)
Password - password
Giffgaff network
Profile name: giffgaff
Dial number: *99#
Username: giffgaff
Password: {Leave Blank}
if you need other setting just search on google your network name + apn settings