How to unlock ee osprey

Those instructions will work on any Alcatel mobile broadband modem / router EE osprey device such as:

EE osprey 1, EE osprey 2, EE osprey 2 mini, EE osprey 3, EE osprey 3 mini, Alcatel Y800, Alcatel L800, Alcatel Y850, Alcatel Y853, Alcatel Y854, Alcatel Y855, Alcatel Y858 also known as Orange Airbox 2, ALCATEL ZONE 4G LTE MW40V, Alcatel EE40VB, Alcatel EE60VB

and many others


instructions are the same for all modems / routers

that does have a web interface function

Why I need my modem unlocked?

if you are going abroad and you want to use a local simcard to cut the roaming charges or if you simply want to switch your current network provider you will need to unlock your modem

How to enter the code ?

  • if your modem is powered by battery firstly switch off your modem and replace the simcard with simcard from different network (if your modem is locked to vodafone insert the simcard from orange or o2)
  • power up your modem/router and connect your laptop / tablet or a phone to your alcatel device /EE osprey by wifi network
  • open a web browser and in address bar type

  • you should see a page that require NCK CODE

  • you will need to enter the code and job done your modem is unlocked


if the instructions are still not clear please see video below

how can I get the code?

there are no free codes available online but you can buy a code on ebay for only £0.99


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some of the EE osprey 2 mini / Alcatels Y853VB where the imei number start with 





have a firmware issue

if you enter the code and it just say failed and the remaining unlock attempts

is 10 no matter how many times you enter the code

don't worry there is a solution for that


please follow the unlock instructions to the point where it ask for NCK code

now close the box where it say simlock required ( there is a small [x] on the corner )

scroll down to the bottom of page and click on settings icon-> log in here


the user name and password by default is set to admin admin


now on top of the page under CONNECTION select CONNECTION STATUS and enter the unlock code on there it will accept it and job done :)


it does say invalid simcard and it doesn't ask for a code

  • make sure that every time you are changing the simcard device is powered of
  • make sure that simcard you are using is active and its dedicated for mobile broadband devices, some phone simcards doesn't work on those devices
  • if you have the right simcard and it does seat correctly in the simcard slot power up your device and press and hold RESET button for around 15 sec then switch off your modem and power back on ... now it should detect the simcard correctly



 if itt say no simcard

  • please make sure that simcard you are using seat correctly in the simcard slot

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